Flowers, Hearts and Love…

I’m connected to so many groups on Facebook, handwork related and so I get Facebook suggestions around that. Last month a Domestika ad showed up for a woman, Defne Gunturkun, who would be teaching Embroidery Techniques for Floral Patterns on Felt.

I love working with felt. So I signed up. It was to learn how to make an embroidered patch to sew on a jacket or to make a brooch. Her sample was a rectangle and spectacular! An amazing artist!

But as I planned what I was going to do, duh!, do hearts!! They are larger than the pocket hearts and the stitching can therefore be a bit more intricate. Learning, learning, learning is so much fun!

My daughter is an avid gardener. I’ve been sharing little pocket hearts with flowers which she loves. So when I started these, I was thinking of her. I texted her pics and next time I see her, they’ll be hers.

Connections… 901 and counting!

Yesterday I went to Home Depot to find some hardware to hang a printer’s drawer on my wall. To display all the little “finds” my husband has brought home. I had no idea which aisle to look in so I found a staff person and told him what I wanted to do.

Well, he listened, asked a few questions and took me over to where I could find what I needed. He was so pleasant and patient. When he began to walk away, I offered him a heart. He loved it.

When I went to check out, the woman there was also so nice. She helped me cancel an auto receipt that I mistakenly said I wanted to do.

“Do you want me to cancel that?”

So of course, I pulled out my hearts. “I can have one?” She was so taken by it. Picked one that was her favorite is color. I shared my spiel about 1000 hearts and she started asking questions. “Do you make them yourself and just give them away? I’m going to look up 1000 hearts. It’s such a wonderful thing to do.”

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Cross Stiching….

Never one to do the same thing forever, I bumped into cross stitching in some of my Facebook groups and began to give it a go. Not sure its going to be my favorite stitching technique but I love to learn new things.

This is a first project I did for my son and his wife as they plan to move to Georgia in September. Them and their two cats. Counted cross stitch is pretty challenging for my old eyes. But this was a labor of love for the two of them with all our blessings on their journey.

I got inspiration and help from Stitch People which you can find on the web. They have all kinds of instructions from hair to accessories to clothes, skin tones, etc… excellent help.

Then I saw stamped cross stitch and thought… ahh this might be better. And it is.

This is one that I’ve begun to work on… a gift I think for my daughter but it’s going to be pretty big as its printed on 11 count Aida. We’ll see if I can fit it in with all the heart time I do. But she would love it.

Lovelies Become Heart Ambassadors

One of the Facebook Groups that I belong to, Slow Stitching posted a few little ladies done by Janet Sarnow And she was so generous as to post instructions on how to make them. They were so damn cute, I had to give it a go. And one of the super fun parts of it was that each “lovely” had a name and a story. And people who commented on the post, added to the story! Such a delight.

So here’s Marjorie, the first one I made. Marjorie was late to the dance and was afraid there would be no one to dance with.

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700 Hearts and Counting…

Today I finished these three hearts and with that, I have completed 700 hearts in many varied forms. Hearts and Heart Ambassadors in the form of kitties, puppies, teddy bears, foxes and penguins! What a journey.

A New Heart Emissary Joins….

For Mother’s Day, I was at the Shelburne Falls Historical Society’s Mother’s Day Tea teaching people how to make hearts when my son and daughter-in-law stopped by.

They brought me a Mother’s Day present. A cute little succulent plant in a cute fox pot. As my son was looking at the hearts, kitties and puppies I had brought to sew, he said, “Maybe you should make a fox ambassador now too!” Why not?

So I did, the next day I started looking at pictures on line and came up with an outline. Turned it into an SVG file and cut out two as samples. I didn’t have the “right” color for the fur but they looked cute. Yesterday I got some felt that seemed the right color and put it together. I think they look super cute!

So now we have a new heart ambassador! Can’t wait to see what people will think of them!

A Glorious Day…

Tom is off to Brimfield with Doug and I am here… bathed in such beauty and wealth I can barely stand it. Warm. Beautiful breeze. Gorgeous lilacs and dandelions and Japanese maple tree leaves, flox, daffodils, vinca flowers, violets everywhere, grape hyacinths and the meadow… the meadow is awake and alive and everywhere there is life. Birds are serenading me. On a drive earlier a Baltimore oriole flew past me, with such stunning orange. Amazing.

As I sit here, doing some stitching on my ambassador foxes, I see our neighbor spreading a ton of mulch. Working. Always working. But it must be what he loves. Not what I love but he loves. Good for him. We all enjoy our days in our own ways. And so it is. And so it shall be. Amen.

New traveler to the heart journey….

Perusing Pinterest I saw this silhouette of a little bear and thought it would make a great heart emissary. So I played around with circles and squares and came up with a template and started making them. Some as small as the other pocket creatures and some 2 inches tall for brooches. Both are totally cute and already, they are a favorite of people when given a choice.

Let the journey continue!

600th Heart…

Well, today I made my 600th heart. A little flower brooch. Amazing to me that there are all those little filaments of love reaching out into the world. And feeding back to me as well. So simple and yet, so completely profound. Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.

Speaking of cats…

Standing in line at the local grocery store, the self checkout line, we were lined up in the pet food aisle. I stepped in behind an elderly, burly looking man. He was in work clothes, kind of looked like a farmer or at the very least, someone who worked with his hands for a living.

“This the line?” I said.

“Yep. They’ve got us standing in with the pet food.”

“Right,” I answered him.

“Getting so the cat’s food is more expensive than people food.” He added.

I smiled to myself. “Speaking of cats…” I pulled out my leather pouch which I hold my stash of hearts, kitties and puppies. “Would you like one of these? I make them myself. It started with a woman in Australia. You make one for yourself and give 999 away.”

He smiled and for a bit he didn’t say anything. Then, “my sister’s birthday is next week and she has a grey cat so I’ll take that one.” He picked up a grey kittie.

“Well, you also have to pick one for yourself too.

Again, a smile and then he reached in and took an orange cat.

When we finally got to the cash station he turned to me as he slid the kitties in his back pants pocket, “Got to put them somewhere safe.” Smiled and went about his checking out.


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