Wait, and while you are waiting, observe, pray, and neglect no labour. However small or trifling it may seem, if true, and performed in the spirit of consecration, it is worth the doing. So life becomes luminous and the tangles straighten out. And the complex becomes simple. Never mistrust or suspect any one. If you are deceived, God will reward you by giving of your goodness to the offender. So that in time, he will repent and change. The experiences of life come slowly, one by one, each carrying its lesson and its promise, will you but receive them. These are the true milestones, not the years, and a man’s age must be reckoned in terms of feeling and knowledge. He has drunk of the Fountain of Youth, who having known, felt, and experienced all, still retains his freshness of heart, and who meets death with the dew of the morning on his face. For such there is no death; and of such children is in truth the “kingdom of heaven.”

 Fragments by Cave

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