Just read a story about a woman trying to figure out how to respond to her children’s father being in jail… to send a card or not. As with so many stories on this site, I am mostly touched by the honesty and the courage to put one’s life on paper (virtual paper that is.)

Today I am mostly struck by how we keep thinking we can figure life out when Life is so amazing, so complex, so totally mind-blowing! Today we see our obsession with controlling our lives. Even very small children are presented with choices. “Do you want a peanut butter sandwich or an egg salad sandwich?” “Do you want to go swimming or do you want to play on the swings?” “What will I do after graduating school?” “Should I continue chemotherapy or go to Tibet?” I wonder if many of our choices are all that important. Perhaps the most important are, “Am I being honest.” “Am I awake?” “Am I here?”

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