My Love

Where will I go when I die?
I wonder do you know?
Shall I soar like a butterfly
Leaving my chrysalis below?

Will you remember me then,
Once I have flown from here?
Or think me too far away,
Unable to call me near?

What must it be like to love and to die?
Do you think love breaks?
Or does it stretch and give until at last
It pulls together what death takes?

How will we know each other?
I with no face, no body to see.
You with no look, no swagger in place.
Can we imagine how it will be?

If we close our eyes and drift away…
Sense me, a breeze kissing your face.
My fragrance consumed with you,
Your soul’s gentle embrace.

So, this is how it is…how it will be,
Not near or far; not lost or found,
But beacons, lights that endure,
And to each other, forever, we’re bound.

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