The New Guide

Hafiz wants to change a lot of things.
He wants to change, for example,
the way that we think of the world
as a courtroom,
as if there were some guilty people,
some judges and some bailiffs,
court stenographers and some witnesses.
He says: “All that is gone, it’s over;
this is no longer a courtroom we’re living in.
We’re living now in a “caravan”-

where people come and go and
there’s a kind of constant meeting
and celebration.
This is not a courtroom anymore.
The time of judging who’s drunk, who’s sober,
who’s right or wrong,
who is closer to God or farther away-
all that is over.
This caravan is led instead by a great delight-
the simple joy that sits with us now,
that is the grace.
— Hafiz, it may be that
you’ve just poured a toast that will wash
Love clean of all its pictures”

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