One Pure Heart

prayerhands+old.jpgThis is the story I shared in the meeting today.

I went up into the mountains to commune with my own heart, and stood looking at the stars. It was still there; so still, I heard the inner voices, and felt the unseen presences. One came to me whose face I knew and said: “Look forth upon the earth below. What seest thou?” and following the pointed finger of my Master, I saw one little distant spot which, as I gazed, became a glow of brilliant golden light.

From this long rays went forth, and wherever these rays touched, another fire sprang up. And as I looked about me in wonder, light answered light until the whole world seemed aflame. I heard my Master’s voice. “I sent for thee to come up into the mountain to learn this thing. Lo! all this illumination from one pure devoted heart, working unknown, careless of results, loving the work for the work’s own sake, with eyes fixed ever higher.” And as I came down from the mountain I whispered to my heart, “in the fullness of time” and the inner voices answered me, murmuring in the night wind, issuing from the hushed trees and flowers which always understand, “The time is full.”

 Fragments by Cave


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