That Thursday…

If you’ve visited this site, you could see that my journey has wandered far and wide. The last group was Nouk Sanchez’s and in that group you get paired up with other students, Miracle Buddies, and meet online during the week. I had several. One of which was in California. One Tuesday as we were talking, she asked me about my time with Liberation Unleashed.

Liberation Unleashed was an extraordinary experience. You are paired up with a guide who asks questions about your experience. Not what you’ve read or heard someone else say, but what your actual experience is. I saw for myself that there is no one here. Things just happen. No one making decisions, Things just happen,

It was pretty profound but when I was done, the group I belonged to was still doing what they do. If I wanted to stay connected to them, I had to forget what I saw. And that’s what I did.

But then, in this Tuesday conversation, I said, “all these teachings, even the Course, are only like pacifiers for the ego, to keep it busy so maybe something else can slip in.”

Boom! When I said those words, I heard those words and everything changed. The next day was the Course group and I couldn’t read it, couldn’t listen to it. I ended up leaving the group before it was over.

Since then, i haven’t read anything spiritual, or self-help other than my previous journal entries as they come up in my Day One journal. I don’t belong to any groups. I still meet with people if they want to meet but do not reach out to others unless I feel a nudge to.

So…. I turned to working with my hands. Remembering the old Shaker saying “hands to work and hearts to God.” So what you’ll see now is the meditations I have done in the form of needle and thread. Hope you enjoy…

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