The Path

There is no fixed path to enlightenment. Enlightenment is not a destination, a goal, the final resting place at the end of a long journey – that’s the mind’s version of enlightenment. Enlightenment is infinitely closer than anything you could imagine.

This is very good news. It means that nobody is the authority on your path – no teacher, no guru, no religious leader. It means that nobody can tell you the right ‘way’ for you. It means that you cannot go wrong, even if you think you’ve gone wrong. It means that nothing that happens can ever lead you off the path, for the path is whatever happens.

And nothing can take you away from the miracle of life, or bring you closer to it for that matter, since the miracle is all around, already shining brightly, as every thought, sensation, image, feeling, smell, sound, and as the deeper miracle of the one who is aware of all this, intimate with all this, present to all of this.

Be the light of awareness that you naturally are, enlightening the moment, whatever its contents. Doubt, fear, sadness, anger, intense confusion – maybe, just maybe these are neither enemies nor blocks to enlightenment, but expressions of a deeper intelligence, the same incomprehensibly vast and awake intelligence that gives birth to stars and moves the ocean tides and sends each and every living thing off on it’s paradoxical journey towards its own being.

Shine your light on all that arises. Come out of the story of time and space and progression towards a future goal, and trust a secret moment. Take any moment. Any moment at all, for any moment is the access point. There are never any blocks – only portals.

You are not some separate entity on a long journey towards a future completion.

You are pure poetry.

Jeff Foster – Falling In Love With Where You Are

Opening the Heart’s Door

Ours is not the work 
of seeking You here 
or there where we 

think You might be, 
but of opening 
the heart’s door, 

and when we do this 
You cannot resist 
coming in, since 

our opening and Your 
entering are one; You 
knock and wait, and 

when we open we 
find that You were 
there all along and 

will not leave us. 

Meister Eckhart’s Book of the Heart 

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