Babies, babies, babies

One of my early projects were dolls. A friend had said that a charity she was a part of was looking for pocket dolls for refuges in the middle east… something small that a child could put in their pocket. Easy to carry if they had to relocate. Soooo after finishing the dolls for my tiny house, I started making some dolls to donate. Also to give to my son’s friends who had just had babies.

The blonde baby was my favorite. At that time I was suffering from a very painful hip. When I went to the doctors, the nurse there and I got into a conversation and she shared how her mother had died suddently. Her daughter was suffering from the loss. As I was making dolls, I suggested maybe a doll that maybe looked like her mother might help. She told me her mother had blonde hair. Really? I pulled out my phone and showed her a picture of this blonde doll I’d made. “That’s her. That’s Mimi!” she said. Ok…. I put Mimi on the heart, made her a blanket and dropped it off at the office the next day. Awesome!

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