The Heart Journey…

As I have been handing out hearts, it occurred to me that I had not offered any to my husband. So I gave him one. He took it, smiled, and put it in his breast pocket. Patting it he said, “So now if anyone ever tells me I don’t have a heart, I can pull this out and show them!” We laughed.

Then the next day, I came home and found a heart sitting on the kitchen table. When my husband came home I asked him, “Are you giving me your heart back?” No, he found that one one the floor, must have fallen out of my pocket. He patted his pocket and affirmed he still had his in his pocket.

That night, he went to supper with a good friend and when he cam home he walked into the living room where I was from the kitchen with that heart from the kitchen table in his hand. “I’m going to take this one because I gave the other one to Mo.”

Wow! I mean, Wow! Moved me to tears to be have him acknowledge what I was doing like that ! What a day!

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