Yesterday was an extraordinary day and I shared it with people in one of my Facebook groups. I put it here to share as well. I hope it inspires others as much as it inspired me.

Often times, people have asked, “What do you do with your meditations?” In my time this past year I have done many different types of stitching, Going Round in Circles, Stitch Meditations, scrolls, larger stitch meditations, hanten jacket, appliqué, baby dolls to send to needy children, “I found a quilted heart”, Fabulous Scrappy Balls, improvisational stitching… and lastly ‘1000 hearts.” But what has lifted me up, made my little stitching meditations not only for me but for others has been the 1000 hearts.

If you don’t know about this, it was started by a woman in Australia as an act of kindness. The general idea is that you make one for yourself … self love is so important… and make 999 to give away. 1000 hearts has a Facebook page and of course

I’m on my second hundred and always have both pockets filled with these little hearts to give away. Today, I am filled with so much gratitude that my heart fairly aches with the love of it.

Weeks ago, I don’t even remember when, I went to our local market and when I was checking out, I gave one of the hearts to the young man who checked me out. He smiled and I went my way. Then last week I went in to buy something and the same young man was there.

As I checked out he looked at me and said, “Are you the lady that gave me the heart?” And he pulled out of his pocket the heart I’d given him. “I cannot tell you how much this has helped me. Thank you.” and as I walked out, “Don’t be a stranger. Come back soon.”

Today I went back to get lunch. And as I walked in, he saw me and welcomed me warmly. I went to order my lunch and there was a mix-up (new staff) but one woman intervened and sorted it out. When I went to pay for my order, I pulled out a handful of hearts and asked the cashier if she’d like a heart. “Oh my, do you make them? I’d love to give one to my granddaughter!”

“Of course, and take one for yourself too… “ and just then the young man at the other register turned around as she was choosing the hearts and smiled at me and pulled his heart out of his pocket. “I know what that is.”

Then I turned to pick up my sandwich and saw the lady who had interceded for me so I went over to her and asked if she wanted a heart… and take one to give away. Which she immediately did and as I watched, she walked over to one of her co-workers and gave her one of the hearts. Which was then accepted with such joy and a big smile.

Long post i know but I’m so full of gratitude and love right now, how these little meditations I do, love to do, bring joy and smiles not to those I give them to but also back to me!

What I do with my stitch meditations? Sharing baby… sharing

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