Hearts for kids?

So in my offering of hearts, a couple of times I have had an opportunity to offer them to kids. They take them but often with an almost puzzled look. Adults almost invariably select a heart and then clutch it to their chests, big smile and eyes meet. But not so much with kids.

Then I saw a post in Pinterest where a woman was making pocket kittens. Her version was much bigger than my little pocket hearts so I worked on shrinking my version so it matched the little hearts. they are less than 2 inches tall.

So I made one and stuck it in my pocket. Went to get my hair cut and after I paid for it, I offered the stylist a handful of hearts so she could pick one. She picked a blue one and said she’d give it to her daughter. I told her to take another for herself. (Isn’t it interesting that we don’t think of ourselves?) There was another stylist there too and I asked if she wanted one too. She took one.

Then she started telling me how I could sell them. Fill them with lavender or some other potpourri and sell them. I smiled. I explained about 1000 hearts and the kindness project begun in Australia. Thought to myself, it’s not about getting… it’s about giving.

There was a little 8 year old boy that had just gotten his hair cut and was waiting for his father. I pulled out some more hearts from my pocket and asked if he would like one. But in that handful was that little experimental pocket kitten as well. His hand went right to it, looked me in the eye and said, “thank you.”

So I made a few more kittens just in case I bumped into some more kids.

Then the other day, I went to Michaels to get some supplies and there was a young man who checked me out. And of course, when i finished checking out, I pulled out a handful from my pocket and offered him one. There was one of the kitten in the handful. Guess what he picked? The little black and white kitten!

So then I went to a small market in Sunderland to get pork chops for supper and when I was done checking out, I repeated the offer and in the handful was a little white pocket kitten. What do you think the young woman chose? The kitten.

Maybe it’s not just kids who really resonate with these little animals.

So I’m going to keep making them and giving them. Such a wonderful gift not only to others but definitely to my own self. So grateful.

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