Off to Red Robin…

We had a Robbin’s apple pie for my son so my husband and I arranged to meet him close to where he works for lunch. Red Robin. Our go to place. So we sit down and are waiting to put in our order and this lady comes by on her way to the bathroom and comments on how nice it is to see a family out. So of course, I know she is heart ready. I keep my eyes open for when she comes back out. I pull out a bunch of hearts and kitties and put them on the side of my table. Both my husband and son chuckle. “Here she goes again…”

But before that lady can come out of the bathroom, a waitress walks by, spies the hearts and stops.

“I still have mine you gave me.” And she pulls out a little heart from her pocket. A month earlier we had come here for my birthday and I had given the waitress two hearts. This must be her! “I gave my other one to my friend Mary. She was having a tough time so I gave it to her. She cried.” At this point her eyes start to fill with tears, “I’m going to cry now. Thank you so much.”

“Take another to give away,” I told her. She took another, smiled and walked on.

Just then the woman I had been waiting for came out of the bathroom and started to walk back to her table but in another direction than where we are sitting. I tried to catch her attention and another wait person helped with that.

She came over to the table and I showed her the hearts and offered her some. Well, she was so over the top. “Today is my mother’s birthday. She died a few years ago. This is a sign that she’s with me. How wonderful! Can I give you a hug?” Which i agreed to and then she hugged my husband, hugged my son and smiling went to her table.

“How can I not do this?” I asked the guys.

Amazing interactions, almost every time.

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