An Opportune Moment

We have Friendly sundaes every once in awhile and usually take turns who will go out and pick them up. But tonight, my husband didn’t feel like it and now, every encounter out of the house gives me an opportunity to share my hearts so I’m less likely to decline these days.

When I got to the restaurant, I could see there was a good line waiting to get their orders. I walked in and asked the people standing there if they’d already checked in. Several times in the past I had waited politely only to find out they were waiting for food and not ice cream and so I had waited for nothing.

No, they were all waiting for online orders too and looked like they’d been waiting a good long time. The wait staff looked quiet harried and all I got when I told them I was on online order and gave them my name was, “I’ll be right with you.”

I stepped back with the others. “I guess Saturday night is not the time to come for ice cream,” I said to the young man beside me. He smiled.

But as I stood there I thought, this is perfect. I opened my pouch of hearts and turned to the woman on my other side and said, “Can I offer you a heart?”

She took a look and smiled. “Sure.” And took one.

“Take another to give away to someone.”

“Oh thanks.”

Then when her friend got off the phone (she had been talking to someone) I repeated that and added in the little bit about 1000 hearts. She also took two. Then I turned to the man next to me and he smiled. “Would you like a heart?”

“My daughter would love this,” he said.

“Well, take another for yourself.” At this point I looked him in the eyes and added, “Self-love is so important.” He took another.

Then over in the corner by one of those machines you put in a quarter and try to catch a toy, stood the DoorDash guy who was waiting for an order. A tall, gangly looking guy with really long hair. His DoorDash bag clutched to his chest, acting like he didn’t know what was going on 3 feet away from him.

“Mr DoorDash, would you like a heart?”

A smile lit up his face like he had been waiting for me to ask. He stepped forward and took two, looking at them intently. “This is so cool. Thanks.”

And just then the wait staff lady asked my name again and said, “Oh i think yours is already done.” And went over to the freezer to get it. It had been done before I arrived.

Now in years gone by there would have been impatience, maybe even a little bit of anger over the “wasting of my time.” But now, wasn’t it just perfect? When I got home and told my husband I’d given away 8 hearts, he just stared at me.


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