Easter morning…

At a drive through local fast food restaurant, as we ordered our breakfast, the young lady who was taking the order ended with, “Come on up, Hon.” which my husband noticed,

“Hon, did she call you ‘hon’?” he said.

“Right,” I said, “and she’s going to get get a heart.”

So when we pulled up and I paid for the order, I had a handful of hearts to show her.

“Oh, you’re the one who gave me the hearts!” Evidently, I had given her two hearts months ago. As she oooo’d and ahhh’d over the hearts in my hand. She beamed. “I gave the green one I picked last time to my boyfriend and he loved it. I talk about this almost everyday.”

I offered her two more which she was careful in selecting. She said, “I was feeling really down this morning. Easter and all. My family lives in New York and all our friends are doing things this morning and I have to work to 2:30 so this really makes my day.”

She was so sweet, I had one last kittie in my pocket, the one that little boy would not take yesterday (more on that in a bit) and showed it to her.

“Oh I’m getting a little yellow kitten in a few weeks. It’s only a few weeks old now.”

“Take it.”

“Really? Oh thank you!”

My husband just was sitting there, shaking his head.

At the end of our ride, we went to a local Market as they were the only store open in town. I have given out hearts there several times before. And I was checked out by a man I knew from my years at working at Umass. He’s always so welcoming and appreciative of my presence no matter what. There were three other staff people standing near by too. So I pulled out my pouch and offered the cashier another heart and then the other three as well. Two of them already had gotten hearts from me but were pleased to take two more. The one young lady who was new to me was amazed that she could have them.

Often people are amazed that they are free, no strings attached.

But the part that really touched my heart was the other young man who was the bagger. He also stated that he had gotten a heart from me before. He was one of my first heart stories. After giving him a heart, and weeks later when I returned, he noticed the handmade badge on my jacket and asked me if I was the person how had given him… and he pulled out the heart from his pocket… this. And proceeded to tell me how much the little heart had helped him.

Today he pulled me aside to tell me how he had given that little heart to a friend who had just lost his partner and on receiving it, had cried with gratitude. As he put the little heart to his heart he said, “I’m going to keep this one for myself. Thank you so much.”

This is unconditional love in action. A small act of kindness. So simple.

So about the little boy who refused the kittie. Yesterday I went to a celebration of life for a friend who died in February. And I looked for opportunities to hand out some kitties I had as well as hearts. I gave a puppy and a kitty to two youngsters who were playing nearby and then hearts to their parents.

But the interesting thing was a saw one young boy who looked a bit lost, all by his self. Not playing with any of the other kids. I had one kittie left so when we were leaving, I walked up to him, showed him the kittie and asked if he wanted it. He kind of shook his head and started to walk away. “You sure?” I asked but he did walk away.

When I shared with the friends I had come with one, a mother, said, “Stranger, danger.” True, his parents were not nearby and I always ask parents first if I can offer it. Ok. Fine.

I felt odd about it though. Other than one old man, no one has refused and definitely not a kid and a kittie. But today, with that young woman at the fast food shop, that kittie was meant for her. How absolutely perfect!!

Now my pouch is empty. Time to make more!!

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