Connecting and Releasing Old Patterns…

Many, many years ago when I first met my husband, we went for a walk to a lovely place near where we lived which is called The High Ledges. It’s a winding path through lovely woods that eventually ends at a ledge which looks over the valley.

On one of those walks, there was an elderly man on the right hand side of the road that seemed to be working on some sort of garden. When we had passed him I looked at my husband and said, “What do you think he’s doing out here?”

“Why don’t you ask him,” was my husband’s reply.

To which I quickly and vehemently replied, “Ask him! I can’t do that!”

You see, I grew up in a family where that was just not an acceptable way of being. I can remember going to a department store with my father and brother. A clerk came up to my father and asked if he could help him. My father’s expression remained the same and he merely turned and walked away, leaving the clerk, and me and my brother looking at each other. I mean, we barely talked to each other, never mind a stranger!

So on the walk back from the ledge, as we approached the elderly man, my husband walked on the side of the road where the man was, and when the man looked up, my husband said, “Hello! Lovely day….” And proceeded to have a lively discussion including who he was and what he was doing there!

My husband has been one of my greatest teachers in this life’s journey and this was one of the greatest teaching moments. From that day forward, little by little, I changed and opened up to connecting with others.

Which brings me to why I’m posting this story today. For lunch today, we went to Whole Foods. Once we had our food and sat down to eat, I realized I didn’t have any water and needed it for my meal. I quickly darted back to the store to get a bottle and when I went to self check out, I realized my phone, with my credit card, was back at the table with my husband. I caught the eye of the young man who was attending the self checkout area and told him I was leaving the bottle and would be right back. He was very nice and said it was fine.

So when I returned and finished checking out, I went over to the young man and offered him hearts. He actually took a kittie and a heart and was very grateful. Wonderful.

Then when I went back to table to eat my lunch, I noticed a lively young girl with her mother in a nearby table. I often get nudges to offer the hearts and this was one of those times. So once I was done eating, I walked over to the table and asked the little girl’s mother if I could offer the little girl one of my hearts.

The beginning of these conversations, especially if it is not a clerk or someone else who is performing a service, can be a bit awkward. People wonder if you’re safe or not. But as I tell the story of 1000 hearts, and they see the hearts, kitties and puppies, they tend to relax.

Of course, the little girt took two puppies. One for herself and one for her brother. Her mom took a heart brooch for her aunt and a heart for herself.

How far this personality has come from those days on being afraid of even saying “Hi” to a stranger! Many thanks to my husband for giving me another option and to all the other little steps on my journey that enables me to share these little hearts with everyone I meet on the path.

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