Speaking of cats…

Standing in line at the local grocery store, the self checkout line, we were lined up in the pet food aisle. I stepped in behind an elderly, burly looking man. He was in work clothes, kind of looked like a farmer or at the very least, someone who worked with his hands for a living.

“This the line?” I said.

“Yep. They’ve got us standing in with the pet food.”

“Right,” I answered him.

“Getting so the cat’s food is more expensive than people food.” He added.

I smiled to myself. “Speaking of cats…” I pulled out my leather pouch which I hold my stash of hearts, kitties and puppies. “Would you like one of these? I make them myself. It started with a woman in Australia. You make one for yourself and give 999 away.”

He smiled and for a bit he didn’t say anything. Then, “my sister’s birthday is next week and she has a grey cat so I’ll take that one.” He picked up a grey kittie.

“Well, you also have to pick one for yourself too.

Again, a smile and then he reached in and took an orange cat.

When we finally got to the cash station he turned to me as he slid the kitties in his back pants pocket, “Got to put them somewhere safe.” Smiled and went about his checking out.


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