A Glorious Day…

Tom is off to Brimfield with Doug and I am here… bathed in such beauty and wealth I can barely stand it. Warm. Beautiful breeze. Gorgeous lilacs and dandelions and Japanese maple tree leaves, flox, daffodils, vinca flowers, violets everywhere, grape hyacinths and the meadow… the meadow is awake and alive and everywhere there is life. Birds are serenading me. On a drive earlier a Baltimore oriole flew past me, with such stunning orange. Amazing.

As I sit here, doing some stitching on my ambassador foxes, I see our neighbor spreading a ton of mulch. Working. Always working. But it must be what he loves. Not what I love but he loves. Good for him. We all enjoy our days in our own ways. And so it is. And so it shall be. Amen.

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