Lovelies Become Heart Ambassadors

One of the Facebook Groups that I belong to, Slow Stitching posted a few little ladies done by Janet Sarnow And she was so generous as to post instructions on how to make them. They were so damn cute, I had to give it a go. And one of the super fun parts of it was that each “lovely” had a name and a story. And people who commented on the post, added to the story! Such a delight.

So here’s Marjorie, the first one I made. Marjorie was late to the dance and was afraid there would be no one to dance with.

Well this was so much fun! But I’m really into the 1000 Hearts, right? Well, couldn’t these “lovelies” be heart ambassadors too? Of course they could. So guilt free, I continued on.

This is Persephone, lamenting the loss of her youth and beauty. Do notice the little heart.
Here’s Persephone and her fellow heart emissary Camilla.
Camilla isn’t a bit worried she’s a little over weight. She knows she’s beautiful just the way she is.

One of the members of the Slow Stitching group suggested I find a boyfriend for Marjorie so Rupert joined the group.

Marjorie and Rupert after the dance.

Notice Rupert’s face is made with wool felt, not jersey. Much easier to sew on and more realistic in my opinion. Both these two are sans the heart. Ah well…

Then my last one for awhile I think is Rufina. (Which means red-haired.) She is a brooch with a tie pin in the back. She’s worried as she’s the first to step out in a new way. Worried it won’t work out. Everything always works out Rufina!!

I’m down to two hearts. I must get back to making hearts, puppies, cats, teddies…..

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