Cross Stiching….

Never one to do the same thing forever, I bumped into cross stitching in some of my Facebook groups and began to give it a go. Not sure its going to be my favorite stitching technique but I love to learn new things.

This is a first project I did for my son and his wife as they plan to move to Georgia in September. Them and their two cats. Counted cross stitch is pretty challenging for my old eyes. But this was a labor of love for the two of them with all our blessings on their journey.

I got inspiration and help from Stitch People which you can find on the web. They have all kinds of instructions from hair to accessories to clothes, skin tones, etc… excellent help.

Then I saw stamped cross stitch and thought… ahh this might be better. And it is.

This is one that I’ve begun to work on… a gift I think for my daughter but it’s going to be pretty big as its printed on 11 count Aida. We’ll see if I can fit it in with all the heart time I do. But she would love it.

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