Connections… 901 and counting!

Yesterday I went to Home Depot to find some hardware to hang a printer’s drawer on my wall. To display all the little “finds” my husband has brought home. I had no idea which aisle to look in so I found a staff person and told him what I wanted to do.

Well, he listened, asked a few questions and took me over to where I could find what I needed. He was so pleasant and patient. When he began to walk away, I offered him a heart. He loved it.

When I went to check out, the woman there was also so nice. She helped me cancel an auto receipt that I mistakenly said I wanted to do.

“Do you want me to cancel that?”

So of course, I pulled out my hearts. “I can have one?” She was so taken by it. Picked one that was her favorite is color. I shared my spiel about 1000 hearts and she started asking questions. “Do you make them yourself and just give them away? I’m going to look up 1000 hearts. It’s such a wonderful thing to do.”

Then I said I love making them. Love giving them away. That it allows us to slow down. “Otherwise you and I wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’d have taken the receipt and been gone.”

Nodding her head, pinning the heart on her apron.

“You know,” I said, “maybe 8 out of 10 I give away, the person says that they really needed it just then.”

She looked up, her eyes filled with tears. “I got to tell you….Today’s been a rough day for me. This does help. It really does.”

Like I say to my husband and son…. How can I not do this.

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