Flowers, Hearts and Love…

I’m connected to so many groups on Facebook, handwork related and so I get Facebook suggestions around that. Last month a Domestika ad showed up for a woman, Defne Gunturkun, who would be teaching Embroidery Techniques for Floral Patterns on Felt.

I love working with felt. So I signed up. It was to learn how to make an embroidered patch to sew on a jacket or to make a brooch. Her sample was a rectangle and spectacular! An amazing artist!

But as I planned what I was going to do, duh!, do hearts!! They are larger than the pocket hearts and the stitching can therefore be a bit more intricate. Learning, learning, learning is so much fun!

My daughter is an avid gardener. I’ve been sharing little pocket hearts with flowers which she loves. So when I started these, I was thinking of her. I texted her pics and next time I see her, they’ll be hers.

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