Another day… another heart story

I’ve been working on my denim jacket… adding embroidery to it in preparation for next year’s fair. But while the outside, I think, looks amazing the inside is a bit messy. So I tried to create an inner lining to cover up the back stitching. Not very successful.

So I bought some dark blue flannel and thought I’d try again. Then thought better of it and I remembered the town center has a tailor! Yes! So this morning I took my jacket and the flannel and headed down there. I parked right in front of the shop. When I looked to the shop, the shop was dark but I got out with my jacket and cloth anyways. There was a light in the back but the store hours said they were closed on Mondays. Ok. Maybe tomorrow.

But when I got into my car, chewed a bit on my fingernail thinking what I was going to do next, there was a tap on my car window. It was the shopkeeper signaling I could come in. He explained he is usually closed but he was trying to catch up on his work.

I explained what I was looking for and he explained that he didn’t really do that kind of sewing job.

“Hmmm. Is there anywhere else in the area that you know of that might do this?”

He thought and then said, “Yes!” And pointed me to a shop in a neighboring town. “Tell her I said hello,” he said as he showed me out the door.

So off I went to their shop. When I got there I found the husband of the team spoke English but his wife, “the brains” according to him, did not. So he translated what I wanted. After a bit, she got the gist of what I was wanting. She agreed that she could do it. Yay!

Her husband asked me if it would be a problem if she didn’t do it right away. Evidently she was going to the doctor’s that week to schedule a surgery. I expressed my concern for her but her husband assured me it was minor. After a few more comments, they told me how much it would cost and I gave her husband my credit card to pay.

Then I pulled out a handful of hearts and offered them to her. Even with the language barrier, she got it. Then of course, I told her husband the whole spiel of 1000 hearts which he translated to her. Then it struck me, I opened up the pouch and pulled out a handful of hearts and gave them to her. “When you go to the doctor’s, give them away.”

They got it. We had a nice conversation about how this… this connection is what is real. Not what we read, or hear about how people are bad, selfish… whatever.

I left feeling so full, so grateful… so loved.

Then later in the day, I went to local vendor for supper. On the way there, this beautiful full rainbow was in the sky. When I parked the car and got out, I took a a picture. As I walked in I said, “Did you see the rainbow?” One of the wait staff, a young woman, said she had just told the two other wait guys about it. So she and one of the men came out and we reveled at the beautiful site.

Then we went in, I got my food and after I paid, and before the cashier left, I said, “Have I offered you a heart before?” I kind of remembered him.

“Yes. You’re the lady that made them. Last time I got a little kitty with a heart.”

“Well, have another.” Then I called out the other young man who was working at the grill. “Would you like one?”

Smiling shyly he said, “Yes, I would.” He came over and looked over the handful of hearts and couldn’t make up his mind which one he wanted. He first took a blue heart but then a purple one caught his eye.

“Go ahead, you can have it,” I said.

“I can have two?”

Only a moments hesitation then, “Of course. Take one to give away.”

The other man said, “He’ll give it to his mother.”

I turned to him, “Would you like another too?”

“Sure. I’ll give one to my mother too.”

Then that same conversation happened. “What we need is more love.” “This is what we are.” “This is the truth of us.”

When I started to leave the first man called out to me, “What’s your name?”


“Aggie… I’m Kyle.

I looked at the other man and with a broad smile, “I’m Jacob.”

Wow. Wow. Wow.

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