You might be interested…

Years and years ago I had a dream. It took shape in various forms. I wanted to buy Mole Hollow Candle in Shelburne and turn it into a cafe with a learning center in back.

When I was part of the Upper Valley Worship Group in Greenfield I tried to convince the organizationt that ran the Church Street Home to give the Home to us and we would continue their mission of caring for the elderly. They didn’t bite.

Then when I was part of Stone Soup Cafe I dreamed of obtaining the then vacant brick building across from the bus station as a Pay As You Can Cafe with living quarters above and a training carpentry floor below.

None of which came to fruition. So I decided to write a story of my dream. At least it would come to life that way.

Now I started this story a long time ago and have added, polished it off and on. But I am determined to finish it! So i have created another site with the story there.

If you’re interested, you can begin to read the story at

I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

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