Yesterday I went for a walk up the road to the brook. The brilliant yellow, orange leaves were drifting down from on high, so softly, one by one. The brook was completely dry. Never seen it like this in the twenty plus years we’ve lived here. Yet, there was a beauty in it.

I have lived my life joining others in hopes that there would be some connection. That the path I would travel would have some “mighty companions” along the way. And for a time, that has been true. Wonderful friends have been made but always because I gave up my truth for theirs, conceding so we could walk together, even though there was a pull to walk my own truth.

And as life would have it, things fall away. This has happened so many times in this lifetime, you’d think I would have gotten the message sooner. But hey, that’s life!

So this dream character is off on the path. Doing what she feels led to do. Alone it would seem though knowing there is no alone here. Let’s see where she goes…


Starting to do an online course on writing Haiku. What fun!

It’s the same old thing
I’m stuck, I’m stuck, I’m still here.
I can just let go.

Imagined eyes
Sending messages of fear
It is a dream.

Life is a river
Flowing right through our fingers
Over spills a cup

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