Beginning a year-long journey with the Course

In the past month I became acquainted with a Course teacher, Nouk Sanchez. She has written several books and for me, she rivals Ken Wapnick for Course knowledge. She’s more heart-based though, I think.

In any event, I’m smitten and have begun their TTC Total Transformation Curriculum. It’s a year-long opportunity to delve deeply in the Course in an experiential way. I’m totally excited.

And as an extra bonus is the other groups they have so that instead of just one group meeting per week, I can join every day if I so choose. Wonderful.

Update… March 2021

Well, it’s interesting how life switches up…in a conversation with a friend, I was reminded of the work I had done on the no-self almost a year and a half prior. As I explained what I had seen for myself, it was as if I woke up from a long dream. What was I doing with all these teachings? All these concepts. And just like that, all this feel away, like sheets of snow off a roof. I departed from the Course on all levels. Stepped back from most of my outward movements with others. Silence. Quiet.

What goes around, comes around….

This past weekend I did some consolidation of old journals and revisited some forum posts from a group (Gurdjieff type) I had participated in 2008-2013, off and on. Actually, it was a book that I had read at that time, that got me moving in that direction. I left the group because I had an interaction with the teacher that didn’t sit well with my personality. It took all these years to get over it. Amazing.

But as I read the posts, I realized how much that teaching is where I am now. Probably why I am where I am in my journey. So I’m back for a visit to the group which is still going. Who knows where it will lead, if I will stay for awhile or not. We’ll see.

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