Hearts for kids?

So in my offering of hearts, a couple of times I have had an opportunity to offer them to kids. They take them but often with an almost puzzled look. Adults almost invariably select a heart and then clutch it to their chests, big smile and eyes meet. But not so much with kids.

Then I saw a post in Pinterest where a woman was making pocket kittens. Her version was much bigger than my little pocket hearts so I worked on shrinking my version so it matched the little hearts. they are less than 2 inches tall.

So I made one and stuck it in my pocket. Went to get my hair cut and after I paid for it, I offered the stylist a handful of hearts so she could pick one. She picked a blue one and said she’d give it to her daughter. I told her to take another for herself. (Isn’t it interesting that we don’t think of ourselves?) There was another stylist there too and I asked if she wanted one too. She took one.

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My Tiny House…

I’ve always wanted a tiny house but my husband didn’t agree. So one day we went for a ride in Northfield and on a back road I saw the cutest tiny house out in someone’s back yard. I was so enamored I went back a few days later and took photographs. If I couldn’t have a full size tiny house, I’d make a miniature versionn!

I’ve never made any models but I was determined. So here is how I started.

I started this in March 2021 and sent it to the Franklin County Fair in September where it won a blue ribbon. Not sure if that was because it was that good or there were so few entries to judge against (there were very reduced entries this year.)

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