A Glorious Day…

Tom is off to Brimfield with Doug and I am here… bathed in such beauty and wealth I can barely stand it. Warm. Beautiful breeze. Gorgeous lilacs and dandelions and Japanese maple tree leaves, flox, daffodils, vinca flowers, violets everywhere, grape hyacinths and the meadow… the meadow is awake and alive and everywhere there is life. Birds are serenading me. On a drive earlier a Baltimore oriole flew past me, with such stunning orange. Amazing.

As I sit here, doing some stitching on my ambassador foxes, I see our neighbor spreading a ton of mulch. Working. Always working. But it must be what he loves. Not what I love but he loves. Good for him. We all enjoy our days in our own ways. And so it is. And so it shall be. Amen.

New traveler to the heart journey….

Perusing Pinterest I saw this silhouette of a little bear and thought it would make a great heart emissary. So I played around with circles and squares and came up with a template and started making them. Some as small as the other pocket creatures and some 2 inches tall for brooches. Both are totally cute and already, they are a favorite of people when given a choice.

Let the journey continue!

600th Heart…

Well, today I made my 600th heart. A little flower brooch. Amazing to me that there are all those little filaments of love reaching out into the world. And feeding back to me as well. So simple and yet, so completely profound. Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.

Speaking of cats…

Standing in line at the local grocery store, the self checkout line, we were lined up in the pet food aisle. I stepped in behind an elderly, burly looking man. He was in work clothes, kind of looked like a farmer or at the very least, someone who worked with his hands for a living.

“This the line?” I said.

“Yep. They’ve got us standing in with the pet food.”

“Right,” I answered him.

“Getting so the cat’s food is more expensive than people food.” He added.

I smiled to myself. “Speaking of cats…” I pulled out my leather pouch which I hold my stash of hearts, kitties and puppies. “Would you like one of these? I make them myself. It started with a woman in Australia. You make one for yourself and give 999 away.”

He smiled and for a bit he didn’t say anything. Then, “my sister’s birthday is next week and she has a grey cat so I’ll take that one.” He picked up a grey kittie.

“Well, you also have to pick one for yourself too.

Again, a smile and then he reached in and took an orange cat.

When we finally got to the cash station he turned to me as he slid the kitties in his back pants pocket, “Got to put them somewhere safe.” Smiled and went about his checking out.


Connecting and Releasing Old Patterns…

Many, many years ago when I first met my husband, we went for a walk to a lovely place near where we lived which is called The High Ledges. It’s a winding path through lovely woods that eventually ends at a ledge which looks over the valley.

On one of those walks, there was an elderly man on the right hand side of the road that seemed to be working on some sort of garden. When we had passed him I looked at my husband and said, “What do you think he’s doing out here?”

“Why don’t you ask him,” was my husband’s reply.

To which I quickly and vehemently replied, “Ask him! I can’t do that!”

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Heart pins….

This journey I’m on of making hearts has been evolving ever since I started. First, just plain hearts. Then added some stitching but very simple. Then more involved stitching. Then started putting hearts on little pocket kittens… then pocket dogs…

And now, I turned the hearts, puppies and kitties into little brooches so people can pin them on their jackets or bags. I don’t stuff them just stitch them up. I still do not know how people will think of them so I go on my own feelings that they are very lovely and will make some people very happy!

Easter morning…

At a drive through local fast food restaurant, as we ordered our breakfast, the young lady who was taking the order ended with, “Come on up, Hon.” which my husband noticed,

“Hon, did she call you ‘hon’?” he said.

“Right,” I said, “and she’s going to get get a heart.”

So when we pulled up and I paid for the order, I had a handful of hearts to show her.

“Oh, you’re the one who gave me the hearts!” Evidently, I had given her two hearts months ago. As she oooo’d and ahhh’d over the hearts in my hand. She beamed. “I gave the green one I picked last time to my boyfriend and he loved it. I talk about this almost everyday.”

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An Opportune Moment

We have Friendly sundaes every once in awhile and usually take turns who will go out and pick them up. But tonight, my husband didn’t feel like it and now, every encounter out of the house gives me an opportunity to share my hearts so I’m less likely to decline these days.

When I got to the restaurant, I could see there was a good line waiting to get their orders. I walked in and asked the people standing there if they’d already checked in. Several times in the past I had waited politely only to find out they were waiting for food and not ice cream and so I had waited for nothing.

No, they were all waiting for online orders too and looked like they’d been waiting a good long time. The wait staff looked quiet harried and all I got when I told them I was on online order and gave them my name was, “I’ll be right with you.”

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So I’ve been wanting to put this slogan on my car for a long time now and finally got it done. Got the car bumper cleaned and put it on. Hope it inspires others…

Off to Red Robin…

We had a Robbin’s apple pie for my son so my husband and I arranged to meet him close to where he works for lunch. Red Robin. Our go to place. So we sit down and are waiting to put in our order and this lady comes by on her way to the bathroom and comments on how nice it is to see a family out. So of course, I know she is heart ready. I keep my eyes open for when she comes back out. I pull out a bunch of hearts and kitties and put them on the side of my table. Both my husband and son chuckle. “Here she goes again…”

But before that lady can come out of the bathroom, a waitress walks by, spies the hearts and stops.

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