Gave 2 kitties to the lady at Goodies. The look of love on her face as she looked at them. Wonderful!

We’re more connected than we know….

Dropped off the 70 hearts to my son to give away at work on the way to visit a friend. Then little texts from him about the response from people. So sweet!

Contact from another woman from the knitting group today. She finally got her hearts and the one I sent with the little scissors brooch is a perfect match for the pair of scissors she has from her mother. And the color of the heart even matches the sewing pouch her mother had made. Her email to me, “How did you know?”

Not me. So grateful for all these little miracles that are happening. Wow.

Off to my son’s place for his birthday. After opening gifts and watching some videos of when he was young, the topic somehow switched to the hearts I’ve been making and giving away.

He shared with his wife about the giving of hearts I had done at the Red Robin for my birthday. How much the waitress had been touched by them. He had taken three hearts that day too and given them away to his friends. He said he wanted more to give them out to people at work as a way to show his appreciation of the people who worked for him.

Wow! Gave him what I had and started making some more for him. Just love how this has touched so many people, even my own family. A first!

An email from one of the woman from the knitting group. She got the hearts I sent her and said she was going to start making them too! Yay!

Then at breakfast with my daughter, I offered her hearts and she took one for herself, one for my granddaughter and a little kitty for my grandson. I left a heart for the waitress and to the lady who greeted us and showed us to our table.

Then I went to Michael’s to get a scoring tool. When I was checked out by a young man, he noticed the handmade badge I have on my jacket. He really liked it.

I knew all my hearts were gone but I pulled out the last kitten I had and offered it to him. He looked at it and asked me if I was from Chesterfield. No. His grandmother came home with something like it the other day he told me. So I told him my spiel… the 1000 hearts in Australia, make one for yourself (because self love is so important) and give 999 away. He was so pleased.

As I started to walk away I said, “Put it in your pocket and whenever you touch it know someone loves you.”

He smiled and said, “What’s your name?”


“I’m A——n. Thanks.”

Hearts for kids?

So in my offering of hearts, a couple of times I have had an opportunity to offer them to kids. They take them but often with an almost puzzled look. Adults almost invariably select a heart and then clutch it to their chests, big smile and eyes meet. But not so much with kids.

Then I saw a post in Pinterest where a woman was making pocket kittens. Her version was much bigger than my little pocket hearts so I worked on shrinking my version so it matched the little hearts. they are less than 2 inches tall.

So I made one and stuck it in my pocket. Went to get my hair cut and after I paid for it, I offered the stylist a handful of hearts so she could pick one. She picked a blue one and said she’d give it to her daughter. I told her to take another for herself. (Isn’t it interesting that we don’t think of ourselves?) There was another stylist there too and I asked if she wanted one too. She took one.

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Hearts for friends…

I’ve been thinking I want to share this practice with a group of friends. Back in 2005 I had started a knitting group at Umass as part of a Union effort. Some of the people in the group (which still meets to this day) have been in it from the beginning. Some are newer and some are just joining.

Anyways, I decided to send hearts to each of them. These hearts were a bit different in that they had little baubles on top of some of them.

Sending them through the mail was a bit challenging but eventually they all got sent.

Up and out to Staples to get a case for my new phone which I already chipped a bit of the camera. A very nice young man helped me out. Before i left I gave him a blue heart. As he saw it, his hand went up to his heart. Almost everyone does that same movement when they get one. Love it.

A great day….

Another birthday and off to lunch at Red Robin in Holyoke with Tom and Derek.

Gave away a bunch of hearts today. One to the lady who pumped my gas. Two to the waitress at Red Robin, three to Derek, two to a mother at Big Y who was weary of her son, and one to the lady manning the self checkout. Total of nine! Wow! So wonderful!

Returning a kindness…

I went to Coffee Roasters to get lunch before Faith came over to UpperRoom to do a crafting show and tell and some stitching/knitting. When I was paying for my lunch, a young black man, picked up a $20 bill that had fallen out of my pocket and caught my attention to return it to me.

How nice! When I was finished paying, I walked over to him and offered him a heart. “I make them.” He took one and I offered him a second to give away to someone.

“Thank you.” He said,

“Thank you for your kindness,” I said.

As he stood there looking at them, I walked back over to him and told him about 1000 hearts. So many opportunities to love, to give and to receive.

You made my day…

Another good thing about doing this giving away hearts is it allows me to have a conversation with others I would not otherwise have. This morning I stopped at a local fast food restaurant for breakfast. I have begun asking, “can I offer you a heart?“ And show them a handful of little hearts so they can pick which one they want. The woman at the window squealed with delight. “Oh… I want the yellow one. That’s my favorite color! I’m going to keep it in my car.“ Then I showed her the hearts again and offered her a second heart to give away. She picked a green one for her boyfriend.

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